Monday, March 5

Anna Nicole Smith- Everyone Even Dr. Phil are Placing Blame Everywhere Except Where It Should Be- With Anna Herself!

Anna Nicole Smith, Still Seen As An Angel By Those Who Loved Her, Even While Their Lives Are Being Destroyed By The Hurricane She Created While She Was Alive
I have debated over this article for some time now as to how I needed to word it, what I needed to say or not say, when the right time would be to publish it, and several other issues. However, after much deliberation, I finally decided that it had to be said out loud, without censorship, brutally honest and with as much respect as legitimately possible, that Anna Nicole Smith is to blame for the suffering of many and the unbelievable damage to an Innocent, beautiful little girl's life. First of all, when a loved one is taken from this world, with the speed of a shooting star disappearing in the dark of the night, those who loved them are blinded from reality by the bleeding they have inside. This is the case for those who loved Anna Nicole, as they are fighting like rabid dogs and that precious little angel, Dannielynn, has to live the life that is being crushing from the blind fighting from every side.
Howard Stern and Larry Birkhead were played like pawns by a queen of darkness. They were both told that they were the father of her baby, and it is reported that some of Anna's friends overheard her telling Birkhead. As for Howard, it is obvious that he believed he was the father of young DannyLynn, as his name appears on the birth certificate. At one point there were reportedly four people that could be the father of Danny Lynn, and potentially a portion J. Howard Marshall's estate valued at over $1.2 Billion dollars.
Stern and Birkhead were no the only people that Anna Nicole used, it seems like it was just second nature to her. A former friend, G. Ben Thompson, of Anna Nicole's was also told that he was the father of her child, but when he countered her with the fact he had a vasectomy she was stopped directly in her tracks. Thompson, a real estate broker in Florida, actually owns the house that Anna Nicole had been living in, and on November 28, 2006 he filed with the court to have Anna Nicole evicted from the residence. Anna Nicole was missing in action when the court case was about to begin, and Thompson won the case, which reportedly granted him the ability to evict her. Obviously this never happened, and until just recently, over a month after her death, nothing had been said about it again.
At this point Anna Nicole had been doing interviews with "The Insider", a entertainment talk show, and was obviously in mourning from her son's death. However, she almost seemed to be able to turn the tears on and off, which fits the mold of Anna Nicole to the point that she would use whatever she needed to get attention, even possibly to the point of using the death of her son for sympathy.
It is unfortunate that a person passed away at such a young age of 39, but it was more than likely one of a few things, if not the only thing, that can possibly give Danny Lynn a chance at life. Anna Nicole reportedly used drugs heavily before and during her pregnancy, which was reported by a several different individuals. One of her good friend's, Laurie Payne, stated that on one occasion during the pregnancy she was with Anna when she took "a rather large dose" of Xanax, in addition to having herself personally administered Methadone. Birkhead's statements were basically the same as far as Anna using drugs and even to the point that she would take so much that she couldn't even talk. When Stern was asked about it after her death, he tried to avoid the questions and basically said she did abuse drugs the entire time. And to think when her son died she told the nation that she would do anything to bring him back, but not long before that she was almost killing her daughter by abusing the various drugs.
Anna Nicole Smith was not a success story, but more of a horror story in many ways. She came from a small town, without any money and made it to what some would call "big time", but at the same time it seems that she would do anything to get what she wanted, so I don't know if you can even say she earned anything. She was in sexual relationships with a multitude of people at any given time it seems. She abused drugs before during and after her pregnancy, and there is no telling what that baby went through when they were alone. I hope that someone out there looks at this for what it really is and maybe it will save a life, because the person Anna Nicole was is not the type of person that we need anywhere on earth. Maybe Vickie Lynn Hogan would have made a good mother, but we will never know that because of the selfishness and greed of one person, and that person, Anna Nicole, is the reason for all the heartache and pain these people are going through, as well as sacrificing an Innocent little girl's life to satisfy her own addiction to drugs. There will always be sin in the world and everyone makes mistakes, but this got beyond mistakes. It hasn't even ended, Danny Lynn doesn't know who her daddy is and obviously she never had a true mother, two men have been taken through hell and aren't even close to being done, and countless others were tortured by Anna Nicole's actions. And I will end with this, which is what I believe the focus should have been on the whole time, we're all praying for you sweet Danny Lynn baby, we're all praying...

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