Monday, March 19

Google Looking for more testers for their New Adsense Audio Beta Program

Google is currently signing up additional adsense members for their beta adsense audio program!
They just started the testing around December of 2006 & are saying that it is "going well", and they need more people to test the program If you are wanting to try it out you can sign-up here. The current testers have reportedly said that they like the user interface because of it's simplicity. It only takes about 2 days to create and launch, which is great compared that to a radio ad that usually takes weeks, but I'm not sure that is really a good comparison...? Here is what one Adwords advertiser, Richard Swezey the Executive Vice President of Cequal, creator of Bed Lounge, had to say:
"We thought a lot about how to expand the reach of our message, and radio seemed like a great opportunity – it's a 'main stream America' type of channel, but we had zero experience in it. My impression was it was something for bigger companies, or at least companies with bigger pockets and a bigger appetite for risk. Then we learned about Google Audio Ads and thought 'not only does it address our concerns but we can custom fit it to our budget and marketing goals.' So we decided to take the big plunge into radio. We've been really pleased with the experience."

It is not for everyone, but as stated before, I don't think it should be compared to traditional radio advertising, especially when deciding to use it or not. This may turn out to be one of those sleepers, where some make a ton by just utilizing it and most just don't use it. A lot like the image ads did for a while.

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