Saturday, March 10

Armed Forces Wasted TAX Money In Many Cases

I'm sure no matter if it is the Army, Army Reserve, National Guard, Navy, etc.. that there is a huge loss of money due to employees taking advantage of their "job" or "assignment", as I wouldn't dare to call it a mission in these terms.

Now before I even get into this, I want to say that this in no part is directed at everyone in the armed forces, as I believe there are many men and women that do a great job & follow their orders & fullfill their responsibilities. However, there are many cases to which this is totally incorrect. I have observed many individuals that just take total advantage of the entire system & are worthless. They sit at their desks and blog, on wordpress b/c blogger is blocked, avoid work duties, well pretty much they do nothing whatsoever. There is one specific example in the Army Reserves located in Arkansas that has even went to the legnth of informing people and/or their family when they fail a drug screening, prior to anyone else knowing, to try and help them cover it up or in the case that it is an honest mistake from medication or such, give them a heads-up. Then we pay for trips, again I wouldn't call these useless things missions, to Korea & there are blog posts about the soldiers staying drunk, kissing hookers, and other teenage type things..

I mean we all know that the retention rate is going down & they are paying huge amounts out just to keep the staff up. $15,000 is nothing for a basic soldier to sign back up for 6 years, and that's not counting the money for college and their salary. While the armed forces are there to protect and serve, I believe that there needs to be an ethical reminder on what their responsibilities are. Or are we at the point that due to decisions by one of the worst presidents to step into office that we are taking any idiot into the Army or armed forces & keeping them? I don't know, but I would bet if these people were held accountable for their actions, or lack of, then maybe that would have some effect on our overall lack of accomplishments in the current state of "war" we are at.... Just some thoughts

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