Wednesday, March 14

SeatBelt Law vs. Motorcycle helmet law: What a Joke & Waste of Tax Money & Time

Recently I read where in Arkansas they were trying to pass a law that requires motorcycle riders to wear a helmet. What kind of law is this? Really, if they have don't want to wear a helmet who are they hurting besides possible themselves? Nobody! Oh yeah, and it failed, but they were also looking at making the "wearing your seatbelt" law a primary offense where an officer could pull you over for not wearing your seatbelt & not need any other reason. Currently it is a secondary offense, meaning that a driver must violate some moving violation to get stopped before they can ticket you for wearing your seatbelt. This law will probably pass if it didn't already, which is the stupidest law I have ever heard of. If you can ride a motorcycle, helmet or not, then why in the hell should you have to wear a seatbelt? This makes absolutely NO sense!! And actually statistics have shown that seatbelts don't actually save lives overall. Yes they have saved the lives of some that would have been killed due to an accident if they were not wearing their seatbelts, but since seatbelts were invented the increase of accidents has also increased because the overall effect is that drivers feel safer & drive more recklessly. So, basically it has increased accidents, which has also increased fatalities by having seatbelts. Also, there have been documented cases where a seatbelt caused the death of passengers in vehicles from being stuck and other reasons. Now could these families sue the government for this law? Of course not... Overall, I wear my seatbelt & my children/wife do also when we remember it & I try to all the time, but I do not believe that the government should have a law that requires that you wear it. Once again it is the passenger's or driver's decision & will only have an impact on their safety, not the safety of others- BUT if you look at it from a different view that the driver feels safer & drives recklessly then the law does impact the safety of others negatively!! Just another law that cost US money & time that could have been spent to actually protect us or improve lives by maybe focusing on violent crimes or ending the "Bush Era of Failures"...

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