Thursday, March 15

March Madness Begins today!! College Basketball At Its' Best

March Madness Begins Today

Finally it is here. The most anticipated few weeks for college basketball fans from all over the US and a lot of the entire world. This year there were a record number of over 100 teams with 20+ victories on the season, which is about a 25% increase over the previous record. This one fact alone made it very difficult for the committee to put together the best possible bracket for the tournament. I believe they did a good job, which some will disagree with, but overall it is a good line-up of games and has a lot of potential for some big upsets. Of course, there were the teams on the bubble to get in that didn't, just like every year, and there are a few that had built a nice resume such as Drexel, that just barely missed out. But there are 65 spots and there will always be some team(s) that just don't make it when it comes down to the wire.

The best part of this year is the upset factor. Who will be the Gonzaga of years back, well actually Gonzaga could be it since they are coming in at a 10 seed this year, which is way down from the last few years. You never know who that cindarella team will be, but I can say who the team to beat will be in my mind: Florida! They are a powerhouse of a team & even though they had a few "bad bumps in the road" during the season, they have also shown just how good they really are & all year they have had teams gunning for them after winning it all last year.

Everyone has their team brackets filled out & put in several pools, but with the internet it has opened up tons of ways to participate in this annual event. It is great with all the offers for "free" entries into contests with huge prizes offered by some of the big names in television & sports. So, if you want to enter there are a few still taking brackets before the games get going, but hurry and get them in before it is too late...

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