Wednesday, April 18

Brandon Pennington & Arkansas Army Reserves-1 Soldier Tests Positive For Drugs But Is Saved By Sgt. Pennington

Brandon Pennington of the Arkansas Army Reserves admits to informing a soldier's family member that the soldier tested positive for 2 different illegal drugs. Mr. Pennington justified forwarding the actual email showing the results of a drug screening to a soldier's family member by stating that the family member was a government employee, but actually the family member is retired from the army and works as a civilian according to the soldier.

You can read some more information at this blog about the incomptence of some people.

Saturday, March 24

If you haven't heard about Google Checkout take advantage of $10 Off

While surfing some blogs I came across a post on Reviews Central: Reviews of Making Money Online & Saving Money that reminded me about Google Checkout.

Google just recently added Google Checkout to their list of items they pay you to refer. This comes as no real surprise after they recently took picasa off their list and combined it with the "google pack". Also, google has not really pushed this new product since it's initial debut, which is really surprising b/c of all the talk about it. I'm sure they have a plan for it, and initially it was called the "paypal alternative", which is not what it is aimed directly at, atleast for now! Here is the link to their post Click here for Reviews Central

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Thursday, March 22

4 Years and Counting: The 4th Anniversary of the War in Iraq

Well, it has been over 4 years now since the War in Iraq started. It began as a mission to find "weapons of mass destruction" and now has turned into the US armed forces policing the country. Finally, we do have some people in the government actually Saying that we need to stop pouring money and sacrificing lives for something that began over very misleading reasons. Will this happen soon? Probably not with Bush threatening to veto everything.

Wednesday, March 21

Firing of US attorneys: Investigation is raising some questions in Washington

I'm sure you have heard about the U.S. Attorneys that were fired & the debate that has heated up concerning it being politically based. Well, the probe into the termination of these attorneys has uncovered some very questionable items.

First, a congressional investigators have become very attentive over a 16-day gap in e-mail records between the Justice Department and the White House concerning the firing of U.S. attorneys last year.

In the investigation, the Justice Department handed over 3,000+ pages of documents, including emails, to the House and Senate Judiciary committees. However, the documents included no correspondence about the firings in the critical time period between November 15, 2006, and December 2, 2006, right before the attorneys were asked for their resignations.

And to make it more interesting, Predisent Bush, citing executive privilege, has refused a congressional request to have his key aide Karl Rove and former White House counsel Harriet Miers, who was involved in the firings, testify under oath...

HMM.. Wonder why?? It wouldn't be a surprise, as this is not the first time this president has either hidden or lied to Americans...

Monday, March 19

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