Saturday, March 24

If you haven't heard about Google Checkout take advantage of $10 Off

While surfing some blogs I came across a post on Reviews Central: Reviews of Making Money Online & Saving Money that reminded me about Google Checkout.

Google just recently added Google Checkout to their list of items they pay you to refer. This comes as no real surprise after they recently took picasa off their list and combined it with the "google pack". Also, google has not really pushed this new product since it's initial debut, which is really surprising b/c of all the talk about it. I'm sure they have a plan for it, and initially it was called the "paypal alternative", which is not what it is aimed directly at, atleast for now! Here is the link to their post Click here for Reviews Central

I had totally forgot about google's new service & especially the save $10 or basically get a coupon for $10 when you use them!! I make a lot of purchases on-line for under $20 and with this little coupon it will make my next purchase from a business that accepts Google Checkout just about free!!

Thursday, March 22

4 Years and Counting: The 4th Anniversary of the War in Iraq

Well, it has been over 4 years now since the War in Iraq started. It began as a mission to find "weapons of mass destruction" and now has turned into the US armed forces policing the country. Finally, we do have some people in the government actually Saying that we need to stop pouring money and sacrificing lives for something that began over very misleading reasons. Will this happen soon? Probably not with Bush threatening to veto everything.

Wednesday, March 21

Firing of US attorneys: Investigation is raising some questions in Washington

I'm sure you have heard about the U.S. Attorneys that were fired & the debate that has heated up concerning it being politically based. Well, the probe into the termination of these attorneys has uncovered some very questionable items.

First, a congressional investigators have become very attentive over a 16-day gap in e-mail records between the Justice Department and the White House concerning the firing of U.S. attorneys last year.

In the investigation, the Justice Department handed over 3,000+ pages of documents, including emails, to the House and Senate Judiciary committees. However, the documents included no correspondence about the firings in the critical time period between November 15, 2006, and December 2, 2006, right before the attorneys were asked for their resignations.

And to make it more interesting, Predisent Bush, citing executive privilege, has refused a congressional request to have his key aide Karl Rove and former White House counsel Harriet Miers, who was involved in the firings, testify under oath...

HMM.. Wonder why?? It wouldn't be a surprise, as this is not the first time this president has either hidden or lied to Americans...

Monday, March 19

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Google Looking for more testers for their New Adsense Audio Beta Program

Google is currently signing up additional adsense members for their beta adsense audio program!
They just started the testing around December of 2006 & are saying that it is "going well", and they need more people to test the program If you are wanting to try it out you can sign-up here. The current testers have reportedly said that they like the user interface because of it's simplicity. It only takes about 2 days to create and launch, which is great compared that to a radio ad that usually takes weeks, but I'm not sure that is really a good comparison...? Here is what one Adwords advertiser, Richard Swezey the Executive Vice President of Cequal, creator of Bed Lounge, had to say:
"We thought a lot about how to expand the reach of our message, and radio seemed like a great opportunity – it's a 'main stream America' type of channel, but we had zero experience in it. My impression was it was something for bigger companies, or at least companies with bigger pockets and a bigger appetite for risk. Then we learned about Google Audio Ads and thought 'not only does it address our concerns but we can custom fit it to our budget and marketing goals.' So we decided to take the big plunge into radio. We've been really pleased with the experience."

It is not for everyone, but as stated before, I don't think it should be compared to traditional radio advertising, especially when deciding to use it or not. This may turn out to be one of those sleepers, where some make a ton by just utilizing it and most just don't use it. A lot like the image ads did for a while.

OFF the subject but just found this site with some good insurance quotes. No catches etc... Check them out they have anything you could need:

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Thursday, March 15

March Madness Begins today!! College Basketball At Its' Best

March Madness Begins Today

Finally it is here. The most anticipated few weeks for college basketball fans from all over the US and a lot of the entire world. This year there were a record number of over 100 teams with 20+ victories on the season, which is about a 25% increase over the previous record. This one fact alone made it very difficult for the committee to put together the best possible bracket for the tournament. I believe they did a good job, which some will disagree with, but overall it is a good line-up of games and has a lot of potential for some big upsets. Of course, there were the teams on the bubble to get in that didn't, just like every year, and there are a few that had built a nice resume such as Drexel, that just barely missed out. But there are 65 spots and there will always be some team(s) that just don't make it when it comes down to the wire.

The best part of this year is the upset factor. Who will be the Gonzaga of years back, well actually Gonzaga could be it since they are coming in at a 10 seed this year, which is way down from the last few years. You never know who that cindarella team will be, but I can say who the team to beat will be in my mind: Florida! They are a powerhouse of a team & even though they had a few "bad bumps in the road" during the season, they have also shown just how good they really are & all year they have had teams gunning for them after winning it all last year.

Everyone has their team brackets filled out & put in several pools, but with the internet it has opened up tons of ways to participate in this annual event. It is great with all the offers for "free" entries into contests with huge prizes offered by some of the big names in television & sports. So, if you want to enter there are a few still taking brackets before the games get going, but hurry and get them in before it is too late...

Wednesday, March 14

Quick Post: 9/11 Mastermind Confesses for Planning 28 Attacks

The associated press reported that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the suspected mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks, confessed to that attack and a chilling string of other terror plots during a military hearing at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, according to a transcript released Wednesday by the Pentagon. Check out the entire story here

SeatBelt Law vs. Motorcycle helmet law: What a Joke & Waste of Tax Money & Time

Recently I read where in Arkansas they were trying to pass a law that requires motorcycle riders to wear a helmet. What kind of law is this? Really, if they have don't want to wear a helmet who are they hurting besides possible themselves? Nobody! Oh yeah, and it failed, but they were also looking at making the "wearing your seatbelt" law a primary offense where an officer could pull you over for not wearing your seatbelt & not need any other reason. Currently it is a secondary offense, meaning that a driver must violate some moving violation to get stopped before they can ticket you for wearing your seatbelt. This law will probably pass if it didn't already, which is the stupidest law I have ever heard of. If you can ride a motorcycle, helmet or not, then why in the hell should you have to wear a seatbelt? This makes absolutely NO sense!! And actually statistics have shown that seatbelts don't actually save lives overall. Yes they have saved the lives of some that would have been killed due to an accident if they were not wearing their seatbelts, but since seatbelts were invented the increase of accidents has also increased because the overall effect is that drivers feel safer & drive more recklessly. So, basically it has increased accidents, which has also increased fatalities by having seatbelts. Also, there have been documented cases where a seatbelt caused the death of passengers in vehicles from being stuck and other reasons. Now could these families sue the government for this law? Of course not... Overall, I wear my seatbelt & my children/wife do also when we remember it & I try to all the time, but I do not believe that the government should have a law that requires that you wear it. Once again it is the passenger's or driver's decision & will only have an impact on their safety, not the safety of others- BUT if you look at it from a different view that the driver feels safer & drives recklessly then the law does impact the safety of others negatively!! Just another law that cost US money & time that could have been spent to actually protect us or improve lives by maybe focusing on violent crimes or ending the "Bush Era of Failures"...

Tuesday, March 13

Great POST a/b Man fighting 4 custody & innocent man accused of RAPE: Thank God it's FRIDAY and other small victories

I normally do not link to "personal" type of blogs, b/c to me they are usually really boring. However, this is one of the best blogs that i have seen in awhile & this post relates to a lot of things in the world of "the law" that can really make you think. I mean for one, when you read it one guy & his lawyer are having to "fight their asses off" to win custody in a divorce case where he did not even want the divorce. He just wanted his wife to get help b/c she was "hearing voices" & had demonic cleansing done on their house & well. What the hell is that!! I guarantee if some guy was hearing voices etc.. and the wife filed for custody there wouldn't have been much of a fight & the wife would have had full custody before you could turn around! Then another case where a guy is accused of rape & is found Innocent. Now do NOT get me wrong- I believe that if someone physically rapes someone they should either go to jail the rest of their life or be shot! But on the other hand, when someone is accused of rape & is Innocent then he (and i would put he or she here, but we all know that prosecuting a woman for rape very seldom happens) will spend the rest of his life with that "cloud" over him & basically his life is ruined. I don't know if in this specific case the defendant claimed "he did it" or if it was the police & prosecutor that decided it was him, but either way his life is still probably almost ruined. This is where it gets sticky because those attention seeking women that "claim rape" when all that happened is they either regret having sex with someone or they just are looking for attention from everyone & say someone raped them, but they have made it hard for women that are actually violated in this unimaginable way to go to the authorities. And on top of that is that when 2 people decide to get really drunk or take X or whatever drug it may be & end up having sex then there IS NO RAPE. But as a man, I have been in situations that someone was so messed up that anyone could have done anything to her b/c she was basically passed out, AND that is not right at all either, which is where it gets complicated b/c how do you determine, as an outsider looking in, if they were both messed up to a point or if it was someone taking advantage of the other? This is where those idiotic women that falsely claim rape have made the system unable to determine if a rape really occurred many times & either let someone go free that is guilty or ruin a life b/c someone decided to party & get drunk with a woman! There is one blog out there from a guy in the Army Reserves of I believe Arkansas that makes it sound like he believes it is okay for a guy to allow a girl to get really drunk then take advantage of her, and while this may not be rape depending on the circumstances, it does show the integrity and lack of any compassion for anyone of this guy, AND also reflects on the type of people we are depending on in our armed forces. Now i am not talking about all members of the armed forces, but it does show that we, as Americans, have decided to allow anyone into our armed forces AND promote them- I believe he is an E-5 or 6 Sargent rank!! And i think he works in the "legal" department of the Army reserves throughout the week @ camp robinson in Little Rock, AR. It's the same person I wrote about in an earlier post just before this one if you want to read it!! People like this are the reason that one day we will be having a draft again, because it has got to the point where we have to allow WAY below average people into the armed forces, and not just as followers but we are promoting them into leadership positions! If you watched Andy Rooney on 60 minutes last night then you heard him say the same thing, that he never thought he would say it, but the next time we go to war we (America) need to have a draft because of all the below average people we have allowed in the armed forces and with the draft we would atleast have average Americans that could complete a mission. It really makes you wonder about the current war in Iraq, and I know that there are some GREAT people over there risking their lives and even the below average people may be very nice individuals, but that is not what we need fighting a war b/c it costs lives of not only themselves many times BUT others very often!! WOW- this got way off topic at the end, but really check out this blog and i appreciate the emails of those from some of our other blogs that have came here to read!!! And keep 'em coming or leave a comment!! Here is the link to that great post & blog i was talking about:
Speaking of Hookers...: Thank God it's FRIDAY and other small victories

Saturday, March 10

Armed Forces Wasted TAX Money In Many Cases

I'm sure no matter if it is the Army, Army Reserve, National Guard, Navy, etc.. that there is a huge loss of money due to employees taking advantage of their "job" or "assignment", as I wouldn't dare to call it a mission in these terms.

Now before I even get into this, I want to say that this in no part is directed at everyone in the armed forces, as I believe there are many men and women that do a great job & follow their orders & fullfill their responsibilities. However, there are many cases to which this is totally incorrect. I have observed many individuals that just take total advantage of the entire system & are worthless. They sit at their desks and blog, on wordpress b/c blogger is blocked, avoid work duties, well pretty much they do nothing whatsoever. There is one specific example in the Army Reserves located in Arkansas that has even went to the legnth of informing people and/or their family when they fail a drug screening, prior to anyone else knowing, to try and help them cover it up or in the case that it is an honest mistake from medication or such, give them a heads-up. Then we pay for trips, again I wouldn't call these useless things missions, to Korea & there are blog posts about the soldiers staying drunk, kissing hookers, and other teenage type things..

I mean we all know that the retention rate is going down & they are paying huge amounts out just to keep the staff up. $15,000 is nothing for a basic soldier to sign back up for 6 years, and that's not counting the money for college and their salary. While the armed forces are there to protect and serve, I believe that there needs to be an ethical reminder on what their responsibilities are. Or are we at the point that due to decisions by one of the worst presidents to step into office that we are taking any idiot into the Army or armed forces & keeping them? I don't know, but I would bet if these people were held accountable for their actions, or lack of, then maybe that would have some effect on our overall lack of accomplishments in the current state of "war" we are at.... Just some thoughts

Monday, March 5

Anna Nicole Smith- Everyone Even Dr. Phil are Placing Blame Everywhere Except Where It Should Be- With Anna Herself!

Anna Nicole Smith, Still Seen As An Angel By Those Who Loved Her, Even While Their Lives Are Being Destroyed By The Hurricane She Created While She Was Alive
I have debated over this article for some time now as to how I needed to word it, what I needed to say or not say, when the right time would be to publish it, and several other issues. However, after much deliberation, I finally decided that it had to be said out loud, without censorship, brutally honest and with as much respect as legitimately possible, that Anna Nicole Smith is to blame for the suffering of many and the unbelievable damage to an Innocent, beautiful little girl's life. First of all, when a loved one is taken from this world, with the speed of a shooting star disappearing in the dark of the night, those who loved them are blinded from reality by the bleeding they have inside. This is the case for those who loved Anna Nicole, as they are fighting like rabid dogs and that precious little angel, Dannielynn, has to live the life that is being crushing from the blind fighting from every side.
Howard Stern and Larry Birkhead were played like pawns by a queen of darkness. They were both told that they were the father of her baby, and it is reported that some of Anna's friends overheard her telling Birkhead. As for Howard, it is obvious that he believed he was the father of young DannyLynn, as his name appears on the birth certificate. At one point there were reportedly four people that could be the father of Danny Lynn, and potentially a portion J. Howard Marshall's estate valued at over $1.2 Billion dollars.
Stern and Birkhead were no the only people that Anna Nicole used, it seems like it was just second nature to her. A former friend, G. Ben Thompson, of Anna Nicole's was also told that he was the father of her child, but when he countered her with the fact he had a vasectomy she was stopped directly in her tracks. Thompson, a real estate broker in Florida, actually owns the house that Anna Nicole had been living in, and on November 28, 2006 he filed with the court to have Anna Nicole evicted from the residence. Anna Nicole was missing in action when the court case was about to begin, and Thompson won the case, which reportedly granted him the ability to evict her. Obviously this never happened, and until just recently, over a month after her death, nothing had been said about it again.
At this point Anna Nicole had been doing interviews with "The Insider", a entertainment talk show, and was obviously in mourning from her son's death. However, she almost seemed to be able to turn the tears on and off, which fits the mold of Anna Nicole to the point that she would use whatever she needed to get attention, even possibly to the point of using the death of her son for sympathy.
It is unfortunate that a person passed away at such a young age of 39, but it was more than likely one of a few things, if not the only thing, that can possibly give Danny Lynn a chance at life. Anna Nicole reportedly used drugs heavily before and during her pregnancy, which was reported by a several different individuals. One of her good friend's, Laurie Payne, stated that on one occasion during the pregnancy she was with Anna when she took "a rather large dose" of Xanax, in addition to having herself personally administered Methadone. Birkhead's statements were basically the same as far as Anna using drugs and even to the point that she would take so much that she couldn't even talk. When Stern was asked about it after her death, he tried to avoid the questions and basically said she did abuse drugs the entire time. And to think when her son died she told the nation that she would do anything to bring him back, but not long before that she was almost killing her daughter by abusing the various drugs.
Anna Nicole Smith was not a success story, but more of a horror story in many ways. She came from a small town, without any money and made it to what some would call "big time", but at the same time it seems that she would do anything to get what she wanted, so I don't know if you can even say she earned anything. She was in sexual relationships with a multitude of people at any given time it seems. She abused drugs before during and after her pregnancy, and there is no telling what that baby went through when they were alone. I hope that someone out there looks at this for what it really is and maybe it will save a life, because the person Anna Nicole was is not the type of person that we need anywhere on earth. Maybe Vickie Lynn Hogan would have made a good mother, but we will never know that because of the selfishness and greed of one person, and that person, Anna Nicole, is the reason for all the heartache and pain these people are going through, as well as sacrificing an Innocent little girl's life to satisfy her own addiction to drugs. There will always be sin in the world and everyone makes mistakes, but this got beyond mistakes. It hasn't even ended, Danny Lynn doesn't know who her daddy is and obviously she never had a true mother, two men have been taken through hell and aren't even close to being done, and countless others were tortured by Anna Nicole's actions. And I will end with this, which is what I believe the focus should have been on the whole time, we're all praying for you sweet Danny Lynn baby, we're all praying...

Friday, March 2


Welcome to our newest blog..
We are working on several sites currently, but are going to try to make this one of our priorities & will soon move it over to our host... Some of the topics we will be hitting on...
Do drug government tests really matter anymore? And how some people can pass just by who they know....
And we wonder why the gov't spends so much money... "Pay for Play" & "Working off Base" are just 2 stories coming soon...
Documented evidence that our TAX dollars are hard at work, working on a blog...atleast....

And much more....

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