Tuesday, March 13

Great POST a/b Man fighting 4 custody & innocent man accused of RAPE: Thank God it's FRIDAY and other small victories

I normally do not link to "personal" type of blogs, b/c to me they are usually really boring. However, this is one of the best blogs that i have seen in awhile & this post relates to a lot of things in the world of "the law" that can really make you think. I mean for one, when you read it one guy & his lawyer are having to "fight their asses off" to win custody in a divorce case where he did not even want the divorce. He just wanted his wife to get help b/c she was "hearing voices" & had demonic cleansing done on their house & well. What the hell is that!! I guarantee if some guy was hearing voices etc.. and the wife filed for custody there wouldn't have been much of a fight & the wife would have had full custody before you could turn around! Then another case where a guy is accused of rape & is found Innocent. Now do NOT get me wrong- I believe that if someone physically rapes someone they should either go to jail the rest of their life or be shot! But on the other hand, when someone is accused of rape & is Innocent then he (and i would put he or she here, but we all know that prosecuting a woman for rape very seldom happens) will spend the rest of his life with that "cloud" over him & basically his life is ruined. I don't know if in this specific case the defendant claimed "he did it" or if it was the police & prosecutor that decided it was him, but either way his life is still probably almost ruined. This is where it gets sticky because those attention seeking women that "claim rape" when all that happened is they either regret having sex with someone or they just are looking for attention from everyone & say someone raped them, but they have made it hard for women that are actually violated in this unimaginable way to go to the authorities. And on top of that is that when 2 people decide to get really drunk or take X or whatever drug it may be & end up having sex then there IS NO RAPE. But as a man, I have been in situations that someone was so messed up that anyone could have done anything to her b/c she was basically passed out, AND that is not right at all either, which is where it gets complicated b/c how do you determine, as an outsider looking in, if they were both messed up to a point or if it was someone taking advantage of the other? This is where those idiotic women that falsely claim rape have made the system unable to determine if a rape really occurred many times & either let someone go free that is guilty or ruin a life b/c someone decided to party & get drunk with a woman! There is one blog out there from a guy in the Army Reserves of I believe Arkansas that makes it sound like he believes it is okay for a guy to allow a girl to get really drunk then take advantage of her, and while this may not be rape depending on the circumstances, it does show the integrity and lack of any compassion for anyone of this guy, AND also reflects on the type of people we are depending on in our armed forces. Now i am not talking about all members of the armed forces, but it does show that we, as Americans, have decided to allow anyone into our armed forces AND promote them- I believe he is an E-5 or 6 Sargent rank!! And i think he works in the "legal" department of the Army reserves throughout the week @ camp robinson in Little Rock, AR. It's the same person I wrote about in an earlier post just before this one if you want to read it!! People like this are the reason that one day we will be having a draft again, because it has got to the point where we have to allow WAY below average people into the armed forces, and not just as followers but we are promoting them into leadership positions! If you watched Andy Rooney on 60 minutes last night then you heard him say the same thing, that he never thought he would say it, but the next time we go to war we (America) need to have a draft because of all the below average people we have allowed in the armed forces and with the draft we would atleast have average Americans that could complete a mission. It really makes you wonder about the current war in Iraq, and I know that there are some GREAT people over there risking their lives and even the below average people may be very nice individuals, but that is not what we need fighting a war b/c it costs lives of not only themselves many times BUT others very often!! WOW- this got way off topic at the end, but really check out this blog and i appreciate the emails of those from some of our other blogs that have came here to read!!! And keep 'em coming or leave a comment!! Here is the link to that great post & blog i was talking about:
Speaking of Hookers...: Thank God it's FRIDAY and other small victories

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